Take Advantage of the Save Feature on Instagram

If you are a creator, then this tip will do you good when it comes to creating content in the future.

Madhu Singh
2 min readAug 13, 2022


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Hi, I am Madhz and I recently started creating Apple Tech-based content on Instagram. As a new creator, I know how tough it gets when you’re searching for inspiration when creating new content, but don’t worry, I have a small tip for all you instagram creators who are trying to keep those fresh ideas flowing!

A while back, Instagram introduced the ‘SAVE’ button on its social platform, and I’ve been complaining about what purpose it serves when creators keep telling you to “save the post for later uses.” However, it wasn’t until I started taking inspiration from my fellow creators’ posts that I truly understood the power of a simple button. This reminds me of Austin Kleon’s book, “Steal Like an Artist” where he talks about not “plagiarising other creators’ work but taking inspiration from them.”

For me, the ‘SAVE’ feature is like building a mood board, where you save posts to different collections designated to specific topics/ideas. For example, I have two collections I made specifically for helping me with creating content: SHOT-LIST & iOS Home Screen Setups.

I am always interested in changing up my Home Screen setup at least once every month to give my phone a new look. But, I am always stuck at just moving around the apps to a different location rather than being creative with the setup.

To help me with this issue, I discovered a hack that can simply be implemented in our scrolling session on Social Platforms, such as, Instagram, TikTok or any Social Platforms that have the “SAVE” button in their Feed UI.

Now, what I have to do to keep my creative juices flowing is whenever I come across anything that is inspiring and gets my creative juice flowing, it just goes directly into its designated collection. Whether it’s an eye-catching Home Screen setup or an inspiring shot, hitting that SAVE button means that as a creative, I know that planning my creative project will become a little less difficult.

Not all posts have the privilege of being saved in those collections, but all of them will receive a like and even a share if they are worth it — and most of them are!

That’s how I take advantage of the ‘SAVE’ feature on Instagram and any other social platforms I can find it on.



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